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For the Love of Travel


Destinations Singapore

Singapore: Supercharge your stay

Singapore is home to one of the world’s greatest airport hubs, but don’t rush, treat yourself to an indulgent, recharge

Tours Switzerland

Zurich: The Best Experiences

Slashed by the River Limmat, picturesque Zurich is an eye-catching, belly-pleasing launch-pad into Switzerland. It felt so good to back

Destinations Italy

Genova: Top things to see and do

It’s a popular transit stop when changing trains, but Genova might well be one of Italy’s most under-rated destinations. Discover


Venturing to Vaduz, Liechtenstein

It’s a pint-sized destination but the princely capital of Vaduz rewards the curious visitor. Venuring to Vaduz? Nestled at the

Destinations Austria

Great experiences in Lake Constance

Bounded by Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Lake Constance is necklaced with holiday temptations. How much do you know about Lake

Vacations Italy

Magnificent experiences in Milan

Give Milan, Italy’s powerhouse of finance and fashion, a chance to reveal her finery and she will reward you handsomely.

Destinations germany

What to see and do in Frankfurt

It’s one of Europe’s great gateways, but before embarking on a continental adventure, enjoy a leisurely stay in Frankfurt. What

Destinations New Zealand

What to see and do at Waihī Beach

It’s one of New Zealand’s best loved seaside havens, but here’s the essential things to see and do at Waihī

Vacations Rarotonga

Culture and Heritage Highlights in Rarotonga

Tear yourself away from the palm-fringed lagoon and explore Rarotonga’s culture and heritage. Escape the hum-drum of the daily grind

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Japan’s Seto Inland Sea and it’s magnificent encounters
Vacations Destinations Vacations

Japan’s Seto Inland Sea and it’s magnificent encounters

Seto Inland Sea of Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture is not a top item that you’d see on a Japanese Itinerary at

Discovering paradise in the Seychelles
Vacations Destinations Vacations

Discovering paradise in the Seychelles

Whether the Garden of Eden was located here or not, there is no denying the fact that the Seychelles are

Galapagos wildlife encounters
Vacations Destinations Tours

Galapagos wildlife encounters

Nicholas Gill sails across Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands in search of some unique wildlife. I was in Puerto Rico not long